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Welcome to the 'SOMAC' homepage.

Founded in July 2013 to protect your valuable information and products, 'SOMAC' has been continuously growing and developing as a "keeper solution technology company" through continuous research and development.

In a situation where there is a great need around the world in relation to the protection of nationaland corporate technology and personal information,SOMAC integrates security paper / printer / gate into one printout security solutionto provide it to the market, and gradually increases its market share.

In addition, we are promoting a business that enhances the value of products throughthe development of functional packaging materials to improve the preservation of fresh foods.

Also, as a professional research and development company, we are always striving to discover new businessby combining our existing technology and new technology.

'SOMAC' will concentrate on protecting your information and products in the market by providing complete printout security and freshness solutions to customers.

Thank you.