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Security Chip Technology


Various process methods and variable control
Unmatched technology

Security Paper
Sensor material mounted on security paper resonates at specific frequencies and generates harmonics easily, which is primarily a soft magnetic material. For any soft magnetic material functioning as a magnetic sensor, various processing methods, variable control and technology are required.
보안용지그림 detecting material
Permalloy, a soft magnetic material and a magnetic metal material, has low residual magnetization and coercive force and high initial permeability. So, the area of Hysteresis Loop(B-H curve) is smaller than that of hard magnetic material, and magneticity can easily be changed even by some external field. Therefore, it is often used in transformer cores, electric motors, etc.
Security Gate
The Gate consists of transmitter and receiver. The transmitter generates specific signal, for instance, an electric field in the range of 70 to 2,000 Hz, while the receiver can detect specific set frequency. So, if you set the receiver in such a way that it can detect harmonics of sensor material mounted on security paper, external leakage of information can be prevented.
  • Electromagnetic Type: Built-in sensor(soft magnetic material) which generates specific signal in response to AC electromagnetic field
  • Sensor: A material that resonates at specific frequency and easily generates harmonics(mainly, soft magnetic material)
  • etection System Configuration: Transmitter(generating the electric field of specific signals(70-2,000 Hz)), Receiver(detecting specific frequencies(harmonics: magnetic field changed by sensor) generated by sensor), Object with built-in sensor(security paper with imbedded sensor)
Security Printer
For Security printers, sensors are mounted in the printer, so that only the paper with imbedded tag for detection can be printed. Therefore, paper other than security paper is detected by sensor which in turn deactivates printing.