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Breathable Film Technology


Development of products tailored to the needs of customers
Breathable Film Technology

It is a type of air-permeable packaging material with pores formed on the cross-section or both sides of plastic film, The amount of gas permeation is artificially controlled to ensure that moisture is not released and only oxygen and gas are selectively permeated It is a special packaging material that improved storage heat and maintains functionality of package. According to customer’s request, it allows perforation/non-perforation adjustment to maintain oxygen permeability suited for product type and storage environment.

Laser Ablation Technology
Nano-second(10-9s) laser cutting is a method for eliminating the film surface by shock waves. As it is not a thermal energy processing method, no damage or structural change is caused around the processed surface.
레이저 어블레이션 기술 그림
Digital precision control method
It enables precise control of perforation/non-perforation, pore size, depth, number and clearance of pores.
정밀 조절 기술 그림
Differentiation from competitors

왼쪽으로 드래그하시면 전체 표를 확인하실수 있습니다.

Competitors Conventional method Processing method 주요특징
Competitor A Mechanical Method
(Perforated heat sink)
Scratches on film, making the perforated
  • Non-perforated processing impossible - Concerns about infiltration of microorganisms and foreign matter
  • Fine grooving impossible - Precise control of oxygen permeability(synchronization) is impossible
Competitor B Chemical Method
(Using chemicals)
  • Inorganic pigments are used for manufacture of films
  • Combination of gas-removing agent (no post-processing)
  • Low reliability
  • Degradation of transparency
  • Difficult to adjust the pore size (Oxygen permeability cannot be precisely controlled)
Competitor C CO2 Laser CO2 Fine groove processing with the laser
  • Fine groove processing impossible- Hole size: 50μm or larger (50μm or less)
  • Low reliability - Shape irregularity, possibility of thermal deformation
Competitor D Femtosecond, nanosecond
(UV, IR) Laser
  • Femtosecond processing
  • Ultra fine adjustment
  • Low possibility of thermal deformation
  • Low economic efficiency – High cost (not suitable for industrial use)
  • Low reliability – Difficulty in maintaining the equipment operation conditions
Somac Nanosecond
(UV, IR) Laser
  • Nanosecond processing
  • Ultra fine adjustment enabled
  • Low possibility of thermal deformation
  • Non-perforated and fine groove processing enabled- Precise control of oxygen permeability
  • Easy to maintain the facility operation conditions - Low variation of production
  • Large-area processing method under development
Storabilty test

Product: Bean Sprouts / Environmental Conditions: 25±5°C / 50±10%

CO₂Content in packaging materials


Breathable film: O2 CO2 are kept at constant level

O₂Content in packaging materials


Ordinary films: Increase in CO2and decrease in O2

Freshness test