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Freshness Maintenance Solution


Freshness Maintenance Solution to improve storability and maintain functionality

A breathable film, which is a freshness-maintaining packaging material,

can be used not only for food packaging but also for medical packaging, breathable clothing, sanitary goods and so on.

A breathable film is a special packing material that improves the storability of the package and maintains the functionality by forming pores on the cross section or both sides of plastic films toartificially control the gas penetration amount and penetrating only oxygen and gas selectively without missing moisturein the packaging material.A laser system was introduced to control the amount of air per product / vegetable,and the degree of ventilation can be freely controlled by using basic process conditions for perforated / non-perforated processing technology

Freshness Maintenance System
Freshness Maintenance Solution
  • Inhibition of physiological activity: Inhibition of physiochemical action by discharging O2according to the breathing capacity of the package contents -> Maintaining freshness
  • Inhibition of microorganisms: low levels of O2to kill or inhibit anaerobic microorganisms