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Security Paper / Gate / Printer


About Products

Security Paper
  • Mounting the sensor material on the paper, Possible to detect document leakage with sensor installed when passing through security system (gate)
  • Eco-friendly copy paper without harmful organic solvents
  • A sensor material is not exposed on the paper surface to prevent deliberate damage or omission
  • Exclusive patent #KR 10-1743823
Security Gate
  • EM gate using electromagnetic field and frequency
  • Detection of sensor materials mounted on security paper (Detecting sheet, bundle regardless of quantity/ Possible to detect documents in body, pockets, and bags)
Security Printer
  • Prevention of unauthorized copying of plain paper
    - Setting plain paper printing limit through sensor attachment
  • Exclusive patent for wire type security paper # KR 10-1775526
Securing competitiveness by building total solutions
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We have competitiveness by developing and securing security printers, gates as well as security paper.

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