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2. Drawing machine

신선기 사진
Product specification
Machine spec
Inlet Wire diameter Φ0.018~1.2 mm
Finished Wire diameter Φ0.012~0.4 mm
Max Speed 2200 m/min
Number of Dies 12 ~ 24 ea
Lubrication Method Sector-sprayed style
Total Power 2.45kw ~ 21kw
Main motor power 2.2kw ~ 15kw
Take-up bobbin dimension (Min) Φ135x170x Φ110x150xΦ80 mm
(Min) Φ135x170x Φ110x150xΦ80 mm
Weight 1 ~ 2.13 ton
Max take-up bobbin capacity 1 ~ 100kg
Display mode Color touch screen PLC control